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This is only an abridged version. To access the full version of this policy, click here.

Clients that qualify for interlending
National interlending policy states that interlending is primarily a service for postgraduates, researchers and lecturing staff. At the University of Pretoria this privilege is also extended to 4th year and honours students.

Undergraduates, who need books or articles from branch libraries, can also register as an interlending user and use the Sabinet PreRequest System to place such requests. Unfortunately they are not allowed to place requests for documents from national libraries.

Documents not collected: A fee of R 10,00 per item will be charged for interlending documents not collected. It is the responsibility of users to contact the interlending staff, or to check their request file if they have not received a pick up notice after a reasonable time.

Overdue books: A minimum fee of R30 will be charged for overdue books.  After one month clients will be charged R1.00 per day calculated from the due date. Most libraries will give renewals on request. The maximum loan period is 3 months.

Lost books: A fee of R 100,00 plus the invoice of the supplier for the loss of an interlending book will be charged.


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