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          Mei 2008 Uitgawe 1  May 2008 Issue 1  

Strength through collaboration: the UNISA-UP partnership


Productive partnerships are those which evolve and continue to yield benefits, create new value and work through interpersonal connections and internal infrastructures which enhance learning for all parties (Rosabeth Moss Kantor, 1990). By combining expertise and professional talents and learning from one another, institutions in South Africa can complement, benefit and strengthen each other on various levels.


The UNISA-UP partnership is an excellent example of such a collaborative partnership, as was the UP-CSIR partnership when their repository was set up. The relationship established with the CSIR resulted in our two institutions still continuing to work together today – assisting each other, building on expertise from one another, and taking repositories in our country forward.


During the past couple of months colleagues from our library assisted in training and consulting UNISA Library Staff on setting up their institutional repository. We had many consultation sessions with UNISA Library Management, and also with the UNISA Advisory Board. On 10, 17 and 22 April a couple of colleagues shared their expertise on various topics with UNISA colleagues. A huge thank you to Susan Veldsman (, Jacob Mothutsi & Elsabé Olivier (eCopyright), Ria Groenewald (Digitization), Amelia Breytenbach (Metadata) and Hettie Groenewald (Collaboration with faculty & the role of the information specialist) for their time and the effort they have put into this training. Feedback was extremely positive, and I wish to congratulate you all on the excellent work you have done!



20 Unisa staff members attended the UP training session,              Susan Veldsman addressed all on the state of Open Access

held at the Goldfields Electronic Lab on 10 April 2008                     (as related to scholarly publications/ articles) in Africa and

                                                                                                  South Africa

Contributed by Ina Smith


E-learning progress @ UP Libraries


Online learning tools can be used in many ways to advance the information literacy skills of our library clients. One example of such a tool is Adobe Captivate, which can be used to create animated online tutorials that clients can follow wherever they are in the world. For an example of an animated tutorial on our library web page, go to


During the week of 31 March 2008 30 Information Specialists and staff from Technical Services were trained on how to create animated tutorials by using Adobe Captivate. These staff members are now in the process of creating their own tutorials, which will then be made available on the library web page.


Robert has kindly agreed that we can purchase an additional 8 licenses for library staff. Thanks so much Robert! It is much appreciated! These licenses will be distributed across the library, as needed. In the end we would like to see that each Faculty Library has at least one license of its own.


Christelle Steyn also briefed members of the Library/clickUP-team during their meeting on Friday 4 April on activities planned by the eLearning Steering Committee.



Computer literacy tutorials on library web


As was communicated earlier, links to the above are available from On this page you will find links to tutorials that provide help on the following: improving computer skills, mouse skills, typing skills. Thanks to all who have contributed to this page so far! Please use it and refer your clients to this page.


Some other products still in development


Visit to see what we have planned for this year. Some products still need to be fine-tuned, but will be communicated to you all once it has been finalised.


Contributed by Ina Smith

Foto's van die Biblioteek / Photos of the Library - Fotki


Na vele navrae plaas ek vir julle gerief weer die toegangprosedure na Fotki.


Ons het uiteindelik ‘n plek waar ons al ons foto’s van die biblioteek kan stoor en waar personeel toegang tot die foto’s het.  Die foto’s kan by die volgende web adres verkry word.  Neem asb kennis dat die wagwoord vir Fotki SLEGS vir die gebruik van Biblioteekpersoneel is.


Daar word op ‘n gereelde basis foto’s bygevoeg.


Die volgende stappe moet gevolg word:


Tik Username UP-AIS

Tik Password transform

Kliek op Login

Kliek op Private Home


Die onderstaande skerm sal verskyn waarop al die albums met die foto’s is.



After many enquiries regarding Fotki, please find the access procedure for your convenience.


 At last we have a place where all the photos of the library are stored and where personnel have access to the photos.  The photos can be found at the following web address Please note that the password for Fotki is for the use of Library personnel ONLY.


Photo’s will be added on a regular basis.


Execute the following steps:


Type Username:  UP-AIS

Type Password:  transform

Click on Login

Click on Private Home


The following screen will appear with all the albums with the photo’s.



Contributed by Magda Engelbrecht


Good Computer Habits for Good Vision

When you use the computer there are several things that you can do to protect your vision.

  • Take a 5-minute break every hour or two to reduce eyestrain. (Recommended by the National Institute of Occupational Safely and Health (NIOSH). If necessary, use a software program to remind you to take a break.

  • Blink more often. When staring at a computer, people blink about five times less frequently than normal according to some studies. Blinking lubricates the eyes. If you don't blink, tears that normally coat the eye evaporate causing dry eyes. Dry air in the computer room can aggravate this condition.

  • Every fifteen minutes, focus on distant objects to relax your muscles.

  • Use special computer lenses.

  • If your eyes are dry, use eye drops to moisten them.

  • Try vitamin supplements.  Flax seed oil has been reported to improve dry eyes. Lutein is being touted as important for good eye health.



Contributed by Ria Groenewald


May book of the month


The war diary of Johanna Brandt© 2007/ edited by Jackie Grobler



Contributed by Katrien Malan


Johanna Brandt, one of four children, was born in 1876.  Her Dutch father and Afrikaner pioneer mother greatly influenced her worldview, which eventually made Johanna Brandt a household name.


Following the Anglo-Boer War, Johanna emerged as a prolific author, focussing mainly on the Boer War.  In later life, however, her eccentric character came to the fore as she explored aspects of natural healing, mysticism and feminism.

Johanna died in 1964. 


I am anxious to get this book filled and out of the way ... our friend the enemy will come and search our house for documents and then they will carry away this chronicle of my griefs and woes and - joys, lately. What agonies I would endure if this book were to fall into strange hands ! Johanna van Warmelo, 9 February 1902.

When Johanna wrote these words, she was 24 years old and had already experienced helpless anger at the horrors of a concentration camp, the anxiety of working undercover for the Boer Secret Service and the excitement of falling in love.  Her diary, secret diary and love diary, combined in this publication, weaves her remarkable experiences during the war together with her everyday life as an ordinary  young woman living in an extraordinary time.


The War Diary of Johanna Brandt is an accurate reproduction of Johanna's three diaries, two of which, the secret diary and the love diary, was originally written using lemon juice.  Through these diaries, and with extensive research by Jackie Grobler, we are offered a unique insight into the war that did not allow indecision or disloyalty.


Something about the author:

Jackie Grobler is senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria, Department of Historical and Heritage Studies.  He holds a Doctor Philosophiae in History and is the author of three books, co-author of a further ten chapters in books; co-editor of one book; author of 31 biographies in biographical dictionaries and author of many academic journal articles.


He lives in Pretoria with his wife Elize.


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