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Plagiarism Prevention
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Guidelines for Students
Guidelines for Lecturers
Plagiarism Declaration
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Plagiarism Prevention Policy
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Dealing with Misconduct
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Plagiarism Prevention Contact Information
The following divisions are directly involved in plagiarism prevention at UP.
  Policy & Regulations
Office of the Registrar
Mrs Elize Gardiner
Tel.: +27 12 420 3073
E-mail: elize.gardiner@up.ac.za
  Teaching Issues

Department of Education Innovation
Mrs. Lynette Nagel
Tel.: +27 12 420 4285
E-mail: Lynette.Nagel@up.ac.za
+27 12 420 2131
Mr. Dolf Jordaan
(012) 420-3721

  Awareness and Training
Department of Library Services (Library)
Bettie de Kock
Tel.: +27 12 420 4719
E-mail: bettie.dekock@up.ac.za
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