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 The Special Collections unit was separated from the Humanities Faculty Library in April 2007 but its inception dates back to 1934 when the nucleus Africana collection was established by P.C. Coetzee, later professor in Library Science and chief librarian at U.P.

Special Collections plays a stewardship role in the collection, preservation and marketing of the Department of Library Services' rare and/or valuable information resources and in making them available for research, according to the corporate policy for the University of Pretoria's heritage collections
To be a centre of excellence in our chosen focus areas
  • Developing a new Africana collection with a focus on Southern Africa in the fields of historical and heritage studies, arts, indigenous crafts and fauna and flora
  • Focusing on the collection of Pretoriana material
  • Developing a representative UP Publications collection
  • Preserving the old collections
  • Enabling research by increasing the global visibility of all collections and providing adequate facilities
  • Participating in digitization projects to enhance e-research and to preserve resources

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