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Shaping the future of South Africa's youth: rethinking...Perold, H; Cloete, N & Papier J
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About the book:

South Africa has made huge gains in ensuring universal enrolment for children at school, and restructuring and recapitalising the FET college sector. However some three million young people are not in education, employment or training and the country faces serious challenges in providing its youth with the pathways and support they need to transition successfully into a differentiated system of post-school education and training.


About the authors:

This is research work of about 17 authors who offer a succinct overview of the different facets of post-school provision in South Africa. It was edited by Helene Perold, Nico Cloete and Joy Papier

Source: Perold, H; Cloete, N & Papier J. 2011. Shaping the future of South Africa's youth: rethinking post-school education and skills training. Weynberg (South Africa): African Minds
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