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   Sound diagnosis a harmonized approach to medicine© 2008/ Maria Ribeiro with Gerard Hoffnung's illustrations


Tubular Bells Medicine is so very humbling.  Stay on the key note.  A striking sign or subtle prompting must ring a bell to arouse or awaken our curiosity.  Each sounds its own message and beckons until we respond to its real call.  If you find a definite sign check its etiology


Orchestral hierarchy.  The principal violinist is the Head of the Orchestra - the one closest to the conductor.

Cordis - pertaining to the heart
2 hearts beat as 1
Feel the L  Listen to the L
Feel the R  Listen to the R




Old people have little reserves to compensate and thus decompensate "at the drop of a hat". A compromised system merely needs another incident to exceed its functional limit.  

Sound Diagnosis a harmonized approach to medicine - Sound Diagnosis to the rescue - a little prompt at the bedside, when you need sound guidance to see through a hazy clinical picture and make sense of a problem in the most lucid and confident way.

How will you benefit from this diagnosticum?

As your bedside companion it will:

  • Shed bright light on unclarified diagnostic pictures
  • Encourage use of a systematic method of diagnosis
  • Structure and simplify diagnosis
  • Help you define a problem
  • Make you notice and respond to diagnostic key pointers
  • Direct your energies to the core of the problem
  • Give your knowledge an opportunity to surface
  • Make you more aware and open to reading signs of disease
  • Serve as a ward-round guide
  • Keep you fresh and motivated with each case
  • Tie up the loose ends, enabling you to complete a diagnosis

"I came upon the drawings of Gerard Hoffnung in 2002 whilst browsing in the bookshop of the Royal Festival Hall in London.  I am delighted to combine the strengths of artist and physician to appreciate the music in medicine and to help you hear the "symphony" when a problem comes to resolution.   Suddenly it all comes together to crescendo, just before the diagnosis is made, into a naturally harmonized and realistic diagnosis"  Maria Ribeiro, in the Preface






Source:  Sound Diagnosis a harmonized approach to medicine© 2008 / Maria Ribeiro with Gerard Hoffnung's illustrations.    
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