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Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift acceptance policy

Special Collections Unit

University of Pretoria Library Services

1. General

1.1. This policy has been developed to establish standards by which all gifts to the Special Collections Unit of the University of Pretoria Library Services (UPLS) will be evaluated and to outline a formal process for carrying out such evaluations.

1.2. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Corporate Policy for the University of Pretoria Heritage Collections and the collection development policy for Special Collections.

1.3. A gift is defined as a collection of information resources in any medium, including personal memorabilia in the field of music, but excluding:

1.3.1. Museum and other tactile objects.

1.3.2. Archival material.

1.3.3. Pamphlets and other ephemeral material.

1.4. The Library reserves the right to decline a gift when

1.4.1. The content matter falls outside the criteria for collection development in Special Collections, including individual items in a donated collection.

1.4.2. The content matter is unsuited to the Library’s educational and research mission, moral principles or ethical standards, including individual items in a donated collection.

1.4.3. Copyright residing in non‐book material precludes dissemination on an open access platform.

1.4.4. The Library lacks the capacity to catalogue the collection within a reasonable time .

1.4.5. Existing facilities are inadequate to correctly store and preserve material according to the exigencies of its kind.

1.4.6. Preconditions and/or requirements set by the donor cannot be accommodated by the Library’s existing facilities and procedures.

1.5. The Library does not undertake to house a donation of any kind of material as a separate collection, but it does undertake to provide individual items with a donor note, provided the note does not damage the item.

1.6. The Library reserves the right to determine the treatment, location and all other aspects of the use of a collection.

1.7.When accepted, a donation becomes the property of the UPLS.The library reserves the right to dispose of gift materials in whatever manner best serves the interest of the Library.  Unless otherwise arranged with the donor and confirmed by the Director of the UP Library Services in writing, books and materials will be added to collections, sold, or otherwise disposed of as deemed appropriate.

2. Gift Acceptance Committee


The Gift Acceptance Committee shall serve on an ad hoc basis to evaluate donations in accordance with the criteria set out in this document.


The Director of the University of Pretoria Library Services

The Coordinator of the Special Collections Unit of the UPLS

The Head of Cultural Affairs at the University of Pretoria or his/her representative.

In a consultative capacity:

The Head of the UPLS Cataloguing Office

The Curator of the Music Collections

Co‐opted specialists in the appropriate disciplines

3. Acceptance criteria

3.1. For Africana :

3.1.1. Works in all disciplines pertaining to the Southern African region.

3.1.2. Only two copies of a printing are collected.

3.1.3. Unless otherwise agreed with the donor, the Library reserves the right to dispose of surplus copies without consent by the donor.

3.1.4. A surplus copy shall be deemed a replacement copy in the following instances: Special editions. Special bindings. Autographed copies.

3.2. For the UP Publications Collection:

3.2.1. Works written or edited by a UP staff member while employed by the University.

3.2.2. Works published by the University.

3.2.3. Works about the University.

3.3. For the Reserved Collection:

3.3.1. Non‐Africana works of all disciplines published before 1900 that have an antiquarian value.

3.3.2. Non‐Africana works of more recent date in all disciplines that warrant preservation because of special bindings, limited availability or rare content matter.

3.4. For the Music Collection:

3.4.1. Score sheets in printed or manuscript form emanating from a South Africana composer or performed by a South African artist.

3.4.2. Audio and audio‐visual material concerning South African performers.

3.4.3. The personal collections, including all forms of memorabilia, of internationally acclaimed South African artists.

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