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    Projects of the Veterinary Science Library : African Goats


Information on goats and goat production systems in Africa




Bibliographies online
  South African Communal Rangelands Bibliography


The Australian Goat Industry Research Database.
  VETGATE: the UK's gateway to high quality Internet resources in animal health
Full text books
  Goat Handbook
  Goats: Sustainable production overview (2004)
  Livestock: Managing global genetic resources (1993)
  Manual of Angora goat raising, with a chapter on milch goats (1903)
  Micro livestock: Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future (1991)
  Nutrient Requirements of Goats: Angora, Dairy, and Meat Goats in Temperate and Tropical Countries (1981)
  Ruminant Nitrogen Usage (1985)
Full text thesis
  Assessment of some factors influencing the survival of kids in a small-scale communal goat production system / Sebei, Phokgedi Julius (2002)
  Incidence, clinical appraisal and treatment of haemonchosis in small ruminants of resource-poor areas in South Africa / Vatta, Adriano Francis (2001)
  Influence of livestock grazing within piospheres under free range and controlled conditions in Botswana / Mphinyane, Wanda Nchidzi (2001)
  Meat characteristics and acceptability of chevon from South African indigenous goats / Simela, Langelihle (2005)
  Microbiological quality of goat milk obtained under different production systems / Kyozaire, Joan Kitiibwa (2003)
  Nematode prevalence, helminth management practices and anthelmintic resistance in small ruminants in the Mid-Rift Valley of Ethiopia / Woldemariam, Desalegn Lidetu (2005)
  Productivity and diseases of Saanen, indigenous and crossbred goats on zero grazing / Donkin, Edward Francis (2003)
  Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of cashmere produced by South African indigenous goats / Keva, Sandiswa (2004)
Full text journals
  The Boer and Meat Goat Online Magazine.
  New Agriculturist on-line: reporting agriculture for the 21st century.

Goat associations and societies homepages
  American Boer Goat Association
  Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australia (BGBAA)
  British Goat Society
  Goat Veterinary Society
  International Boer Goat Association
  International Goat Association (IGA)  
  National Pygmy Goat Association
  South African Society for Animal Science
  South African Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association.

Goat information websites
  Amber Waves Pygmy Goats
  ARC - Farm Animal Conservation Trust
  Embryo Plus
  Goat Connection
  Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute
  Heifer Foundation
  JOY Children's Centre
  Maryland Small Ruminant Page: Health and disease
  Mohair South Africa website
  NSW Department of Primary Industries: Goats
  Oklahoma State University, Dept. of Animal Science. Breeds of Livestock
  Onderstepoort Biological Products
  Photo gallery of diseases of the goat
  School of Veterinary Medicine Hannover. EAAP-Animal Genetic Data Bank
  Veterinary Education and Information Network: Goats
  Virtual Livestock Library: Goat resources

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