5 ICAHIS 2005
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Antoinette Lourens
5th International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists
University of Pretoria , Onderstepoort,

4 - 7 July 2005

Running wild , running free :
Capturing, harnessing and disseminating knowledge flows in support of animal health

Photo gallery
Pre-Conference Workshops 29 June - 2 July 2005

Photographers : Trenton Boyd, Amelia Breytenbach, Marguerite Nel , Antoinette Lourens, Erica vd Westhuizen
Wednesday 29 June 2005 - CAB Direct workshop Robert Taylor

Marie Theron, Robert Taylor, Princess Nkosi & David Swanepoel

Louis v Schalkwyk, Tertia Coetsee and Neels du Plessis

Everybody practices CAB Direct
Wednesday 29 June 2005 - Teatime

Sanah Mphaga and Leta Mojanaga
Thursday 30 June 2005 - Animal Health and Production Compendium - Robert Taylor

Listening to Robert Taylor

Zanele Hadebe, Horacio Zimba and Didace Agaba hard at work

Muyoyeta Simui and Zanele Hadebe practicing their skills.
Thursday 30 June 2005 - Teatime

Our workshop participants from Africa have arrived

Horacio Zimba, Dr Chamunorwa & Robert Taylor

Dr Tayo Babalobi, Didace Agaba and Horacio Zimba,

Faan Naude, David Swanepoel, Anneline Schoeman & Tertia Coetsee

Robert Taylor & Erica van der Westhuizen

Tertia Coetsee, Robert Taylor, David Swanepoel & Erica van der Westhuizen
Thursday 30 June 2005 - Lunch

Faan Naude, Anneline Schoeman & Tertia Coetsee

David Swanepoel & Erica van der Westhuizen

Dr Tayo Babalobi

Keamogetse Modise

The lovely food lady

The food and company are excellent
Thursday 30 June 2005 - Nisc

Michelle Weyl from NISC

Erica van der Westhuizen, Prof Kriek (The Dean of the Veterinary Faculty , University of Pretoria) & Louis v Schalkwyk

Michelle Weyl talking to Anneline Schoeman
Friday 1 July 2005 - Sabinet Online

Lynette Casey from Sabinet Online

Participants learning from Sabinet Online's presentation

The rest of the participants
Friday 1 July 2005 - Teatime

Sabinet Online's Staff - Helena Theron, Anneline Schoeman and Lynette Casey

Louis v Schalkwyk and Helena Theron

Sabinet Online and CAB.

Tandi Lwoga, Wanyenda Chilimo and Leta Mojanaga

Dr Tayo Babalobi and Leta Mojanaga

Wanyenda Chilimo enjoys her tea
Friday 1 July 2005 - SWETS - Zoological Record and Biological Abstarcts

Philip de Kock from SWETS

Anneline Schoeman, Neels du Plessis & Marguerite Nel listening to Philip de Kock

Swets supplied us with lots of goodies.Thank you SWETS !!!
Friday 1 July 2005 - Lunch

Our friends from the USA & Norway have arrived - Anne Cathrine Munthe, Trenton Boyd with Robert Taylor and Tertia Coetsee

Ruan van Staden our Computer Lab Manager, Marguerite Nel & Anneline Schoeman

Dr Tayo Babalobi, Horacio Zimba, Didace Agaba & Erica van der Westhuizen

Leta Mojanaga, Anne Cathrine Munthe, Trenton Boyd, Dirk Lourens, Vicki Croft,Tertia Coetsee & Robert Taylor.

Everybody seems to enjoy the food

Colleen Mills thanks Alet van Rensburg -the caterer
Saturday 2 July 2005 - Endnote by Vicki Kok

Vicki Kok explains the mysteries of Endnote.

Johan Schoeman, Annette Schoeman, Marius Hornsveld and Maureen Brassel in the foreground

Neels du Plessis, Vicki Kok and Louis van Schalwyk
Saturday 2 July 2005 - Searching the Internet -Vicki Croft

Johan Steyl and Vicki Croft

A room full of listeners

David Swanepoel, Johan Steyl and Vicki