In this issue we list our lunch-hour training sessions for 2007. These include sessions on Reference Manager as well as RefWorks, a new tool to manage your references. The session on How to search electronic journals will include our favourite full-text database, Science Direct. Authors who would like to see who has been citing their papers should attend the session on Cited Refs/Scopus for up-to-date techniques.

UPSpace, the Digital Research Repository of the University is a very important development for the research community. We have included a brief description of all its features in this issue and hope that you will participate in its creation!

We have all heard that Google now intends digitising the world’s books. An extract from a recent article in The Independent gives some background to this ambitious aim. Sir Arnold Theiler and the Librarian continue their Conversations with Sir Arnold. This will be No.3, showing an information world rather different from that which Sir Arnold encountered in his day.

We hope that you will enjoy this issue of Infomania and look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Tertia Coetsee (Editor) & Marguerite Nel (Layout & Electronic editor)