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Welcome to the Jotello F Soga Library
Veterinary Science Library. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
  Information for new library users
  • Your personnel / student card MUST always be presented for borrowing library material
  • You may borrow 6 or 10 items depending on the year of study.
  • NB! Audio visual material are only issued for ONE WEEK. (Books are issued for 2/3 weeks)
  • Some heavily used CDs may only be borrowed for one day
  • Books from the Reserve Collection (STUDY COLLECTION) may be borrowed overnight (from 16:00 till next morning 10:30). During the day they may be borrowed for 2 hours. These items may not be renewed.
  • FINES : please ensure that you are not fined by renewing items before their return date. Renewals can be done telephonically (Tel.012 5298009) as well as via the Internet (http://explore.up.ac.za/screens/portmain.html) . Click on view and renew books


  • Your personnel / student card is also needed if you make photocopies
  • Xerox are responsible for the photocopying machines in the Library
  • Please ensure that you have money on your card for photocopying - this is done by Xerox, Level 3, Sir Arnold Theiler Building
  • New personnel must please ask their departmental secretary to notify Louis Leonard to add his / her name to the departmental cost point for photocopying
  • Xerox operates the same hours as the Library, including Saturdays

When finding an item in the catalogue of the library the LOCATION will tell you where to find it physically.

  • Vet Study Collection = Reserved Collection - Level 4: - arranged by Department/ Section
  • Vet Open Collection = Open collection Books - Level 5: - arranged according to the Dewey system
  • Vet Reference Collection = Books on the reference shelf - Level 4: - use Dewey system
  • Vet Serials = Journals ( may not be taken out of the library) - Level 4: - arranged alphabetically
  • Vet Audiov Collection = CDs, DVDs - level 4 and Videos - level 5: - arranged numerically

Floor plan of the library (A larger version)

The following website can be visited to find a very useful explanation of the Dewey Classification System - http://explore.up.ac.za/screens/ddchelp.html

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