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Avoiding Plagiarism: Guidelines for Students
In academic writing such as assignments, dissertations, theses, research articles and reports it is standard practice to give an overview of the current knowledge about a topic and to provide evidence to support the points that you make. These ideas will form the foundation for your own arguments and will be integrated into your own work by
  • quoting (using the exact words of another),
  • paraphrasing (using the ideas of another in your own words),
  • summarising (using the main points of another),
  • translating the original text and summarising or paraphrasing it.
If you do not acknowledge them correctly it indicates either that
  • you have not yet mastered the skill of referencing (citation) - which can be learned with the help of your lecturers and the guidelines that we provide, or
  • you have given in to cheating - which will have to be unlearned because it constitutes criminal behaviour.
In either case you may be accused of PLAGIARISM which can have serious consequences for your academic career and eventually for your professional career.
Please read the Definition of Plagiarism and familiarize yourself with the UP Policies and Regulations (Afrikaans | English) regarding plagiarism.

Each assignment is required to be accompanied by adeclaration of academic integrity: MSWord Format  -  PDF Format
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